Saturday, January 9, 2010

My dearest apologies

I have survived my first week back at school but only just. And even though I am currently fine and laughing, it would be false of me to say I got here without any bruises and scrapes. I could only describe this week as a novel in itself.

I could rant and bitch about the hurtful details, however I feel that reliving those moments are not only painful but unnecessary. So to carry on I could divulge of my evil plans to dominate the world and take over the universe. I shall be the one true ruler of all nations, both human and alien, including Canada.

Ok, I'll stop.

Youth in Revolt was last nights evening activity for me and 3 of my friends here at school. The journey to the theater was hyper but not nearly as loud as the way back. The movie itself is my topping my list at number 1 now. Greatest movie ever. Nick Twisp needs to be my boyfriend. Anyway, while we were watching the movie I got a text message from my mother telling me that my step father found a dead bird in my toilet! WTF? How does that happen.? I doubt that the bird died in a fatal swim up the pipes of my toilet, considering birds don't swim. But if it did die before hand, how in the world did it end up in the inside of a toilet bowl? O well, I guess Pat took care of it and my mother didn't have to deal with any nonsense that comes with finding a dead bird in the toilet.

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