Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunshine! Rainbows! Puppies!

It's been a long time since I've last posted anything, but lets get serious, no one actually reads this. I believe the only 3 people who do are Hayley, PJ and Sean. So Hello friends. Maybe someday people will read this.... BECAUSE I WILL BE FAMOUS!

If you scroll down you will find a whole bunch of angsty blogs about me whining about my personal life and problems, but that Heather is gone. Lets welcome in a new start and a new Heather. Hello Happy Heather!

Exciting, right?

A month ago Friday I received the most significant, life changing news in my entire life (second to my parents telling me of their divorce), and I, because of this diagnosis, have declared myself no longer crazy. I may be crazy in the, as Hayley says "what the Heather?" sort of way, but I am now free from the relentless, obsessive, controlling, spinning cycle of doom which was my mind.

I wish I could express to you just how huge this is! Just how happy I am! Here, I'll try to do my best. Have you ever been really worried for a test or an exam? You have prepared for it as much as you possibly could but still just thinking about it makes you want to puke. Okay, now picture that feeling, is it in your head? Now try to imagine feeling that way for 2 and a half years. It sucked, everything about it. I hated life and I hated my life, but now I feel so rejuvenated. No longer do I have that fear or nervousness, no longer do I plan and I plan and I plan, no longer do I want to escape my own life. Why would I now, I LOVE my life.

A month ago I hated college and was ready to head back home just to get my degree as quick and painless as possible, but now I am ready to live the college experience. To do wild things and have fun, just like everyone else. It's so great. Life is so great. I am so great!

The coolest part about being released from the torture of my own insanity is now I have more room and time for other thoughts. I'm discovering interests and creativity. I am becoming who I am truly meant to be. Ah this is sooooo cool!

Heather, I have found you, and I will not lose you again.

About that whole being famous exclamation. I can explain. See I want to be a writer. No, I am GOING to be a writer. This idea for a story popped into my head one day and ever since it has taken off. I am in love with it.

Well this is the new me and I am very excited about it. I am excited for the future.
I realize that this message is rather redundant in wording, but I'm just trying to get the point across. I AM HAPPY!!!

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