Monday, October 26, 2009


Let me start by telling all of you, that when you go to Ohio University undecided they put you into their University College. But for whatever strange reason they thought me to be special. Therefore I am in the School of Arts and Scienes as undecided. So being in that state for so long, and having absolutely NO idea what it is I wanted to do in life, I finally decided.

I started by stepping away from my life and thinking about it like I would think about a great piece of literature. I made myself a character and developed her. I figured out her values, her likes, her dislikes and what she normally does to make herself happy. After getting to know this character like a best friend (even though I should probably know myself already) I thought about what I would tell her to do and why.

I would tell her to become a high school english teacher. It's perfect. She would have a flexible enough schedule to have a family, and plenty of time to do musicals at a local community theater. And what better place than an english department to discuss her favorite topics.

Wait a minute. I already wanted and then decided against it. I didn't want to graduate from highschool, go to college and then go back to highschool. I could do so much more! But what do I want to do? Conflicted!

Well I guess I will go along with every standardized test that told me to be just that. Apparently I am a personable person that likes to help others...

So I am now majoring in Integrated Language arts and will be able to teach English, Language Arts, theater and some other random stuff to 7 through 12th graders. I'm starting to get really excited. I've never had something so solid in my life. Lets see how this goes.

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