Thursday, December 10, 2009


For the past week or so I have sat down with my computer every night and tried to write a blog, but when I actually try to focus my thoughts into words everything comes out empty. Never have I ever been so frazzled in my life. Never have I ever had a lack of words, or even yet communication. Never have I ever been so frustrated by life. So tonight I am determined to get a blog out for my readers to enjoy, or at least tolerate.

Let me just start by telling you how amazing my evening was. With so much going on I haven't fully been able to enjoy much of anything lately. My normal obsession for the Holiday Season is normally beaming this time of year, but this year my spirit is no more greater than the man sitting in the big chair on the top floor of a company just trying to make sales. And even though I wasn't really put in the Christmas spirit tonight, I was at least having a great time. Tonight was basically a reunion of one of my better nights at OU. I was with my friends, Sean, Hayley, and Ben and we just went to a coffee shop and talked until they closed, and afterwards we came back to my house and watched 500 Days of Summer (really good movie btw). Nothing extraordinary happened and nothing outstanding occurred, but I can't help but love the dynamics the 4 of us share. The others might not appreciate our time together the way I do, but I know I value just sitting and talking with them and hearing what they have to say. Tonight was just so amazingly fun and I love everyone of them so much!

I could complain and be winy about the never ending chaos here, but I think I am going to leave at that. Why ruin a good blog with a bad rant about the current shit in my life. I may be one hundred percent frazzled right now with literally every aspect of my life, but that's not what you need to know. Right?

I will tell you this. Plain and simply.
A. Damn, it feels so good to be home.
B. My life is a mess
C. My plan to live with my dear Alex next year is my saving grace.

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