Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Freud must have been on to something.

While most people sleep deep and hard each evening in the peaceful bliss of their own mind, there are others, like myself, that cannot grasp the serendipity of dreams. Sleep has become so complicated over the years, and I would like it to just be sleep instead of a frustrating outlet of emotion and stress.
There are the rough nights where sleep seems to never come, and I lay in bed tossing and turning while I wait for my brain to stop running. I appear to have some kind of inability that prohibits me from locating the switch that turns off my mind. And even though those nights have become less frequent, they still visit me from time to time.
Now that I am able to actually fall into some decent rem, I am still tortured by the elaborate dreams I seem to create. Either I wake up completely freaked out because the entire world just melted or I have to swim across some random ice forsaken ocean, or I wake up completely upset because I realize that it all was all a dream.
The dreams that are most haunting are the ones you know will never come true.
If you asked me I would say that Freud was on to something. He believed that dreams were a gateway to the subconscious. Well if that's true, it is very clear what my subconscious wants, or I guess what I want.
Every morning I am struck down by reality and heartache, and I guess that these dreams will not go away until something is done.
So I guess I have to do something about it... but what?

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