Sunday, February 7, 2010

A challenge

Most Americans spend the first 18, if not 22, years of their life practically the same way. We all play through our childhood, attempt to make it gracefully through the awkward years of middle school, transition into the even more uncomfortable stage of high school and then discover the new found freedom of college. Even though everyone has their own personal story, past, history and journey, with their own triumphs and falls, the first 20 some years follow the a similar outline. Even our parents.

Today I was thinking about my family. My dad graduated college in 76' and my mom in 83', but it wasn't until 86' that they got married, had my brother and settled down. So what did they do during the time after college and before babies? Personally I couldn't tell you much about what my own parents did prior to crossing the threshold into parenthood, but I assume that I'm not alone in this lack of knowledge. It is a complete mystery to me, their lives as young single people with little responsibility. Since it is to late to call my mom, and I'm sure my dad is partaking in football craze, I intend to call my parents and ask them what those years were like. Who were their friends? Where did they live? What were their jobs? This sounds pretty cheesy, and I don't me to be a prescriber of unsolicited advice, but I encourage you to talk to your parents and discover their unknown years. It could be interesting. You didn't know your parents before they had you.

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