Tuesday, February 9, 2010

World Domination

Now that Ted Kennedy's spot in the Massachusetts senate has been replaced by a republican for the first time in years people are saying that the democrats no longer have the control they voted for in 08'. Apparently they believe that the republicans are going to dominate once again, but don't any of them realize that it is neither the democrats or the stubborn ones that are going to rule. No, it's no longer a matter of politics. Lady Gaga and Facebook are going to take over the world!

Prepare yourself for a women to rule the world in an unnecessary amount of sequence, avant garde wardrobes, and crack like make up. The radios will be broadcasting nothing but Gaga and soon enough it will be the only music people listen to. Civilians will march along the streets in UGG and legging uniforms (including the men) to the sounds and beats of "Poker Face". There will be no speaking to others, just seldom time with a computer. To top off all of the madness facebook is going to be the only form of communication, and the only way people will know anything about anyone is by what they decided to post their status as. Eventually the government will lose all power, as if they would need it, and all business will be conducted via a social networking site.

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