Monday, February 1, 2010

Guess who's back?

This blog could go one of two ways; it could be optimistic and hopeful, or it could be obnoxiously whiny. And since I am trying to find new balance in my life, I will follow my Libra ways and make it a combination of the two.

You don't appreciate the luxury of a laptop computer at college until it's gone. To top off the worst week of my life, my computer charger decided to fail on me leaving me with a dead black screen. Since the fateful day that Johnny left I wanted nothing more than to escape to my computer and partake in my favorite past time, random writing that will hopefully one day be something more than a scramble of word documents. As you can tell by the fact that I'm typing this, I have received a replacement charger and have found new appreciation for my computer.

Right now I am laying in my bed watching Beauty and the Beast with some of the roommates, and it's interesting to watch how Disney magically defies the basic laws of physics. I don't think it's possible for a tiny little princess to pull up an entire beast from a wet slippery tower. Although, if they live in a world where people turn into furniture and a rose decides the fate of a prince than I suppose anything is possible.
Sorry, just a random thought.

Most of you know that my time here at school has been less than satisfactional, in fact I want nothing more in the world than to go home. Don't get me wrong, I have made some awesome friends here, but when you are stranded in a very remote place with with 20,00 other people your age you begin to realize how old you are or act at least. I've discovered that for most college is a time for discovering yourself, meeting new friends, and throwing balls into cups. It's a time to be young, to avoid trouble, and be as loud as possible. Apparently I have missed that memo and have rendered myself unrelateable to the average college student. O well, I'll be in the right place all in due course, but for now I take much pleasure in the fact that I know I am different. I am my own person with my own sense of individuality.

Today I was rather embarrassed when we discovered that the source of the mysterious odd smell emanating in my room was my dining hall work shirt. But when I was putting my shoes on and noticing the foot wear of my friends I couldn't help but smile at the thought "at least I don't wear UGGs." At least I am not part of the clones.

This blog may be a little more skewed to the negative, but writing it was quite positive, so I hope you had a similar experience.

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