Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ideas and Alice

Yesterday was... interesting. Fun... but very interesting.
I woke up at the forgotten hour of 7:23 to shower, get dressed and make it to the library with enough time to complete my poetry assignment which was due at 9. While the assignment was easy and pointless and I will easily get full credit on it just for the completion of it, it was poetic and got me thinking in metered rhyme scheme at 8 in the morning. Once I finished the one paragraph paper I managed to pass up the muffin at the Cafe Bibliotecha and head to my classroom early to get some alone time to do some writing in my journal (yes, I have a journal and not a diary; diaries are cute, colorful and hardback, not a 5 subject notebook that you got at the market for a $1.79.) So in the 7 minutes that I had to myself before my fellow students began to file into the room I was hit with an idea, an idea like nothing else I have ever had. It hit me all at once, like when you're driving and are blasted with a raunchy skunk odor. I had this idea for a book, and it was all there in my mind. I needed not to come up with the plot or characters or rising action because it was all there, just sitting in my mind waiting to be written.
Now I'm generally constantly thinking of ideas for a book, but never one with so much clarity. This one actually sounds good.
After my epiphany I sat in my poetry class and got weird looks from my professor as I scribbled down the basic points to my book in my journal. To be completely honest I wasn't paying any attention to the class and felt pretty bad when I didn't realize it was my turn to read something. That's besides the point though. I got it down and have begun to actually write since then.
After my poetry and psychology class I headed back to the dorm to discover I had the room to myself for the next 3 hours. What is this? Time to myself? This never happens!!! It was so nice. I could have easily used that time to go be productive at the gym or do some homework that's due next week, but I decided to take that time and use it to watch my favorite show, Friends.
What fun it was.
So now, off to see my second most anticipated movie of the year, next to HP7, Alice In Wonderland. This is what I have been preparing for for the past 2 years ever since they released the news about the movie. See, I have a different sort of relationship with Alice In Wonderland.
It all started when I was 4 and my mom put Disney's Alice In Wonderland on for me. I was enjoying the movie by myself until Alice started falling down the hole. That part was too scary for me, with the random objects and the sense of nothingness, so I had to turn it off. That was the extent of my Alice viewing growing up.
Once the news that Tim Burton was creating the classic book into a movie I knew I couldn't pass it up, but I wanted to be prepared and do my research. I started with the book, always the best source of information, and I was honestly disappointed with Lewis Carol's story. Don't hate me, but I found it to be highly overrated. Being a literature lover this did nothing for me. Maybe if it had a plot I would like it. After I read Alice's Adventures into Wonderland I took to reading Through the Looking Glass. Still a little disappointing, yet fairly more enjoyable. Now time for the Disney version. I watched it with my favorite cousin and found myself to be even more disappointed than ever before. Of course Disney would change everything from book to movie, it's what they do best. Now this was just frustrating to watch, not only was it not good, it was wrong, all wrong. Fwarted again.
My overall conclusion of all Alice in Wonderland media was poor, but since my 3 most favorite actors ever were going to be in this movie I had high hopes. I knew if anyone could make Alice good it would be Tim Burton with the help of Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman.
Midnight was finally here, we put on our 3D glasses and sat in a crowded theater anxiously waiting for the movie to start.
It went as fast as it came. The movie was over, and I was amazed, in love.
So thank you Tim Burton, you did it. You finally made Alice in Wonderland enjoyable. The fact that you added a plot probably helped you out the most, but I loved it.

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