Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Massive Headache

If you haven't noticed it's been about 2 weeks since my last blog entry, and before that another 2 weeks. Where have I gone? No where. Matter -o- factly my post box is filled with little orange drafts that are incomplete and now irrelevant. I wrote them with then intent of finishing, but I either ran out of time or couldn't organize my thoughts well enough. So to enlighten my readers I shall share with you the random blurbs and ideas that have crossed my mind in the past few weeks.

1. Everyone is moving on with their lives.
Since the New Year I have heard that someone is either getting married or having a baby every single week. Now, to my friends which see me on a regular basis and already know this, skip ahead to the next paragraph, but to everyone else... O MY JEEZ. The list of people I know who will be having a non-hygienic shower soon would not fit on an entire roll of toilet paper. Let the hyperbole help you understand how much disbelief I lay in. It's crazy to think that friends of mine are ready/old enough to get married or even procreate.

2. Technology is taking over the world.
I still have a hard time expressing my opinion of this particular idea, because the thoughts just run amok in my mind. So I will give it my best shot. Technology has exponentially incorporated its way into the lives of humans to the point where we can't picture a world without it. Think back about a hundred years ago. They had no cell phones, no computers and no ipods, they were just excited about the car being invented. Now think to your life. Is your self phone in arms reach? I would be lying if I said that mine wasn't, in fact it's sitting on my lap. But when does technology go from a reasonable request to an absurd obsession?
More and more we find parents using every mean necessary to protect their kids from.... what? What is out there that is so bad that we need to give a 4 year old a mobile phone? Don't you think that the basic Safety Town fundamentals can keep your overprotected child safe for the minuscule amount of time that you don't have an eye on them? They don't even know how to spell phone, why should they have one? Just remind them every so often to look both ways before crossing the street, don't open the door for strangers and never take candy from odd pantless men in trench coats.
The only part of technology that I find to be a positive advancement is in the medical field. Every day millions of people are saved because of our new medicines and treatments. Other than that it is just down right unnecessary. Why do we need all of these fancy phones that have 'apps' for pointless shit? I've found that people are more connected with a little black piece of metal and plastic than they are with their friends and family. People can't go out for an hour without having their phone with them. It's pretty sad actually. Bringing a phone to a social event is just asking to be interrupted. (I'm beginning to get frustrated just writing this) I wish I could express to you my true feelings on this subject, because I really hate how technology has made the world so anti-social. If you feel otherwise prepare your side of the debate and come on over, I'll 'pwn' your ass.
For my rage sake I am going to stop there. Moving on.

3. My selfishness
When I started this year I decided to be selfish. I know it's a weird thing to aspire to, but I realized that I need to fix my own problems before taking on any more challenges. As most of you know my number one problem over the past few years has been my weight, and I have been working my ass off to make it go away. After no results I ventured into the dreaded doctors office and had some blood work done. Dah du du DAHHH! It can all be explained with a 4 letter condition, actually it's a 25 letter condition, but never the less it is very exciting. I can be fixed and hopefully this life time struggle can come to an end. Hopefully with this my number one problem will be eliminated followed by an elimination of most of my other problems.

That has pretty much been my life for the past few weeks. It's been pretty hectic and chaotic but overall good. Much to my chagrin I have to leave for school tomorrow, and it's a sad day knowing my 2 week spring break has to come to an end.

As one of my old childhood friends used to say "ta ta for now"

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