Monday, May 3, 2010

Sexy Drink

This morning, after walking all the way across campus just to discover that my class was canceled, I decided to venture to the school's coffee shop instead of walking down the hill and then back up an hour later. I ordered my favorite drink, large passion unsweetened ice tea with the tea bag left in. I sat there drinking my rose colored drink, and reading Ruby Fruit Jungle by Rita May Brown. As I progress through this book I'm discovering that it becomes more and more sexual as the page numbers go up. While reading this very provocative scene I became very aware that I was drinking a sexy drink. Suddenly I felt like I was exposing my erotic literature to the entire coffee shop all by sipping on my red/pink drink. Clearly that wasn't the case, and I was only about 3 pages into the next chapter when a girl who I used to be very close with in high school came over and we caught up while waiting for our 10 o'clock class to come around.

That's all for right now. When I first started writing this I had the 'Drink' in the title be plural and I was going to give reasons as to what other drinks I find sexy and why, but I am going to let you toy with that idea and maybe one day I'll actually write the rest, with the 's'.

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