Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Defeated Disciplining

Today I was in the market and had an extra dollar to spend. I wandered to the candy section to pick up a pack of gum when something caught my eye, the word Reese's. Now normally the delicious addictive chocolatey peanut butter treats jump out at me to the point where it's the first thing I see in a store, but no, it snuck up on me. Instead of being accompanied by the words 'peanut butter cup', it was printed ever so plainly next to an even larger text of the disgusting word 'Woopers'. What is this attocity? Now there are some mash-ups that work quite harmoniously, like Glee's Walking on Sunshine/Halo or the magic between the classic peppermint/chocolate flavors that create our favorite girl scout cookie. But Woopers and Reese's? I've never been a fan of Woopers, but with the word Reese's on the box automatically compels me to at least give it a try. So I buy the movie theater box of candy and take it home to taste. Not to my surprise they were nothing but unsatisfying. There is something about malt balls that really throw me off, probably the texture. So with this discovery I was very intrigued to figure out what makes up a Reese's Wooper malt ball. The first ingredient was sugar, but the second one was a little bit more mysterious. Partially defatted peanuts. Huh? Exactly. But it wasn't partially defatted peanuts that humored me, it was that at first glance the tiny font made the words look like partially defeated peanuts. And the first thing that popped into my head was an image of tiny little peanuts in army garb lying in on the ground in a puddle of ketchup.

While I was laughing about partially defeated peanuts, I remembered a sign that stands on the side of the road at my lake house. Instead of explaining it to you, I'm going to let you see first.
It reads "Discipling Boys To Love Jesus Deeply And Express Him Vividly", but when you're driving down a hill at 50 miles per hour the word Discipling looks a lot like Disciplining. So for me and my entire family it read, "Disciplining Boys To Love Jesus Deeply and Express Him Vividly." I'm sure you can all see the humor of this. It took my own slow drive by to finally correct my family's misunderstanding.

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