Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hand Writing

Some people consider hand writing to be the style of an individuals print. However I have a much different definition of hand writing. My form of hand writing is what I actually write on my hand. The simplicity of taking a pen, marker, or high-lighter to a small section of skin to express some emotion, or possibly even make a small reminder, is a great outlet. I'm not sure if there are any health related consequences to applying ink to your hands, but hopefully there is not, because otherwise I would have some serious issues. I realized that I write on my hand as frequent as a teenage girl checks facebook. It has become my addiction, my dirty little secret. When I don't feel comfortable writing or drawing something on myself that other people would see I'll put it on leg or my arm and wear long sleeves. This is rather pre-teen of me, but the irony of it all is that I never drew on myself when it was popular to do so. However it's now uncommon for me not to have a picture or remnants of a picture on the back side of my hand. Each drawing or writing has meaning. They either express what I'm feeling at the moment, remind me to do something or provide me with motivation.

Handwriting of the day:

This is how I felt after my boyfriend and I broke up. I made it talk and everything. The funny thing is that I spent about 10 minutes laughing about how it looks like a "Go-Go" or "Crazy Bone" depending on what you called them back then. I also hope that this one doesn't leave an imprint of itself on my face while I sleep. I could wash it off , but that would require much to much work.

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  1. I love you and feel as though you should live in my backpack, mkay? Mkay.