Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why my NaNoWriMo word count has yet to really begin

Yesterday's insanity still holds true for now, but with much more intensity. Let me just describe to you my day.

I spend my morning the usual way, wake up and go to the class. After class I had about 10 minutes to get from one side of campus to the other so I wouldn't be late for my advising session. (I have to schedule soon and I don't know what to take for education) After the advising session I go to Perkins to hang out with my favorite people until Johnny gets done with class so we can go to dinner.

This is where all the madness kicks in.
Upon first sight of Johnny I was already frustrated. We spent all of dinner struggling to resist the temptation to touch and kiss each other, and once the delicious pumpkin pie was gone Kelly and I went to get jobs at the new dining hall on campus.
We filled out about 8 different forms, all of which required our names, address, ss #, and a signature date combination. I walked out with a direct deposit sheet and a job, hopefully.
Finally it was time for Avenue Q! The much anticipated event of the year was finally here! We walked into the theater and there standing in the lobby was who else but JT Schindler. The man of my dreams from freshman year of high school who I recently learned attended OU. It was no secret that I was overly excited to see him. Here stood another man I had to resist the temptation to touch/kiss.
Our seats were in row H, which is really close to the stage, except for the small fact that we sat right next to the wall and didn't have much of a view of stage right. Before the doors were closed and the lights turned off Johnny and I began texting each other, despite the fact that he was sitting right next to me. We both confessed that we wanted hold hands, and then decided that there wasn't a rule that said we couldn't. I gave him the little slip of paper that I had wrote in linguistics this morning that simply said " I will love you forever". I wrote that with no intention of giving it to him, but when I felt the urge to lean over and give him a kiss I thought it could suffice.
His fingers were laced with mine throughout the entire first act, and when the romantic sappy loves songs came up I began to cry. During intermission we both lost our strength and couldn't fight anymore. Our lips touched ever so softly and then pulled away slowly, but a few moments later we were kissing more and more.
I felt a small vibration in my pocket and discover a text message regarding the room change meeting. The process of changing dorm rooms is all very complicated and I'm not going to bore you with the details. To make a long story short I ended up leaving at the beginning of the second act :( to go to the meeting. And after standing there in line for 15 minutes I was told that i didn't even need to be there. I made my way back to the show and was able to watch the finale number before it got let out. I wasn't too terribly disappointed that I had left because I have seen it once before.
Walking down the steps outside the auditorium we saw the tour buses that brought the us our favorite show. Standing by the door of the bus we saw the actors who played Brian and Princeton in Avenue Q. We went over to ogle them and scored out with a picture and 2 autographs. I'm pretty sure we did a good job of acting like a 15 year old girl meeting Miley Cyrus.
What a crazy night?
Can you see why I'm insane?
... probably not.

Anyway, tomorrow I am hermitting myself so I can commit to some serious NaNoWriMo writing. I am way behind. Still at a mere 213 words.

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